Volvo 9700 50 pax

The brand new Volvo 9700 is the most versatile coach on the market today. Whatever the operation (long distance or charter), passengers are comfortable and safe. It has a low consumption, a first level of safety and a legendary driving sensation. This coach is valid for any type of trip.

There is probably no safer way to travel on the road than in a Volvo coach. Active systems help to avoid situations that involve danger.

Maximum comfort

The versatility of this coach also comes true in the passenger cabin. Its level of equipment is ideal for near and medium distance routes, as well as for long routes and charter services. It includes elegant coatings and top quality finishes. Whatever the ride, passengers enjoy it enormously while traveling in the new Volvo 9700.



The vehicle can load up to 50 bags (25 large and 25 small) and, in addition to the driver, 50 passengers.



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