Sprinter 11 pax

It is so versatile that it will be easy for you to find the ideal model for your transportation needs. So attractive, it attracts attention positively. The new Sprinter Box offers an impressive variety thanks to its 4 vehicle lengths, 3 roof heights and a cargo volume of up to 17 m3. Its multiple versions and equipment allow to have economic access vehicles and vehicles with great equipment.

New vehicles with front-wheel drive, for example, are distinguished by an attractive basic price, as well as higher payload and a lower load edge compared to vehicles with rear-wheel drive.

Avant-garde, efficient, reliable.

Drivers benefit from intelligent management and visualization systems and a concept of modular slide spaces, which allows the vehicle to be individually adapted to their needs, as well as driver assistance and multimedia systems. Of course, the accredited quality is maintained. For example, it is possible to continue using many bodies and modifications without major changes.

The Sprinter, backed by the innovative strength of the star and more than 20 years of experience, once again sets a benchmark as an avant-garde, efficient and reliable mobility solution, which will contribute to the progress of your company.



The vehicle can load up to 15 suitcases (10 large and 5 small) and, in addition to the driver, 11 passengers .



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